Springtime BREAD CRUCIBLE Collection

The Stoneware Crucible is one of BlackTree Studio's oldest and favorite designs. To make the bowl, Steve uses a coiling technique, which potters have used for thousands of years to build substantial pots. 

The bowl's exterior has a choice of finishes: natural stoneware, white-washed stoneware, or stoneware with a porcelain inlay. Each handbuilt Crucible is one-of-a-kind; even the glaze color will change inside each pot. Don't you love that?

An 8-page booklet -- Bread & Crucible -- includes our favorite bread recipe (a French boule) and recounts how we discovered this tasty combo of homemade bread in a handmade bowl.

The bowl is also great for salads, serving veggies, or leaving it empty and enjoying it.

  • Handbuilt with stoneware
  • 7" diameter x 5" tall
  • The bowl's beautiful exterior is available in natural stoneware, white-washed stoneware, and stoneware with a porcelain inlay.