Stoneware Bread CRUCIBLES (Pre-Order)

Bake a beautiful loaf of bread in our Crucible. Our favorite bread recipe is included in a booklet, Bread & Crucible, included with every purchase.

Here are the essential characteristics of this bowl:

  • Oven safe to use for baking your favorite bread recipe
  • Every bowl comes with the booklet Bread & Crucible
  • Food safe for hot or cold dishes
  • Hand-built with stoneware using the traditional method of coiling.
  • Approximately 7"diameter x 5" tall
  • The bowl's interior is glazed.
  • The bowl's exterior is intentionally unglazed but is available in 3 finishes: natural stoneware, porcelain strings, and iron-oxide inlay.

      How to order: Select the Crucible with the glaze you prefer. When the page opens, you can select the exterior finish you prefer.